Managing Duplicate Contacts

Managing duplicates is a ongoing battle when it comes to contact databases. 

foxEnterprise has a function to stop you from manually adding duplicates, however there are a myriad of reasons why we don't block duplicates from being created by automated means (ie. website leads, bulk imports etc).

To help in managing dupes, the system can be configured to email one or more people every time a dupe is added. This email should go to the administrator so that they can determine whether it is a real duplicate and if so what to do with it.

There is also a handy tool to help you identify and dedupe your database. 

Go to Tools > Duplicates Wizard

1cc181e85d9e1c47def7ecd6119dd1fe.pngOnce you have launched the wizard, you can decide what constitutes a dupe.  We recommend the following two searches:

  • First Name + Surname + Email
  • First Name + Surname + Mobile

Simply check the relevant boxes and click next to view the matches. You can open a contact by double clicking it. You can also export them all to Excel using Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V to select all, copy & paste.

Once in Excel you can use the Client ID as a reference. Search by name in foxEnterprise, and then right click on each contact to pop it up.
c015c1eaf6d81c9d5981d179f086ffc7.pngNote that there is no merge function, so you must transfer any important details to the contact you wish to keep and then delete any non required contacts. 

Properties linked to Duplicates

If there are any Properties linked to the Contact you wish to delete, these will be displayed on the Properties tab of the contact.

To link these properties to the preferred Contact, double click on the property:

2034a1e65f2c142f6d5f4ab428e742d0.pngThis will take you to the contract where you can edit the purchaser details on the Contacts tab:

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