Integrating website enquiry forms

The  following guide has been prepared to help you integrate ROI web enquiry forms in the shortest possible timeframes.

The key is the first 3 steps, ie. ensuring that you clearly define:

  • What user input data is to be captured
  • What options the user can choose from
  • What other (non user input) data you would like to capture to help with your marketing analysis
  • Where each piece of data is to be stored (both the field and the the specific option in the case of selection lists)

Once we have a complete list of the data to be captured and the fields it is to be stored in, we can usually produce the documentation within one business day and the web developers can then start coding.

Click here to download the guide: Guide to Website ROI Form Integration

Steps to Integrate a Website ROI Form with your foxEnterprise CRM System

1. CLIENT - Send us the design of your enquiry form showing all user input fields. Clearly detail which fields you would like to populate in the CRM. Eg. Should “Phone” populate Mobile, or Home, or both?

  • Website ROI Form
  • foxEnterprise CRM System
    • Name
  • First Name & Surname
    • Phone
  • Mobile (or Home?)
    • Email
  • Email
    • How did you hear about us?
  • Source (see list below)
  • 2. CLIENT - For any fields which have drop down lists (eg. How did you hear about us?), provide a full list of the available options and a matching list of the fields they should populate in the CRM. If your CRM does not yet have the required fields to capture the data, you will need to configure them:

    • Website ROI Form
  • foxEnterprise CRM System
    • How did you hear about us?
  • Source
  •          REA
  •          Domain
  • 3. CLIENT - Provide a list of any other (non user input) fields which you would like to populate in the CRM. Common examples are:

    • foxEnterprise CRM System
    • Field
  • Value
  • Category Eg. Prospect
    Status Eg. New LEad
    Source Eg.
    Enquiry Type Eg. Website
    Salesperson (person you wish to assign this lead to)
    Project (project you wish to link this lead to)
    Subscriptions (subscription lists you wish to add to this lead)

    4. BRIGHTFOX - create ROI integration document detailing everything needed by the web developers to write the webform code

    5. WEB DEVELOPERS - produce the webform code

    6. WEB DEVELOPERS & BRIGHTFOX - QA test to ensure the data sent is being correctly captured

    7. WEB DEVELOPERS - make the enquiry form live to capture data into your CRM system

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