Automatic lead rotation

foxEnterprise has a feature to enable you to automatically rotate leads which are captured into the system from a range of sources to a list of sales agent on a project by project basis.

Key things to note when considering using automatic lead rotation:

  • Automatic Lead Rotation is either on or off - it cannot be enabled only some leads or some projects
  • You can configure a unique rotation list for each project
  • Leads which are manually entered into the system will not be auto rotated
  • Leads which do not relate to a specific project will not be auto rotated
  • Existing leads in the system will not be auto rotated
  • You can override the automatic rotation by specifying a specific agent as part of the lead
  • Duplicate leads can be auto assigned to different agents

To enable automatic lead rotation in foxEnterprise:

  1. Login as the administrator
  2. Browse to Tools > System Administration > System Settings
  3. Select the API tab
  4. Check "New Contacts - Salesperson Rotation Allocation By Project Of Interest"

To configure the rotation list for a project:

  1. Go to the Project module
  2. Open the required project
  3. Select the Summary tab
  4. Select the Sales Team - the selected team members will form the rotation list for this project

NOTE: to add/remove staff from this list, open the staff member in Admin > Staff Info and assign or unassign the "Salesperson" role.

To force a lead to a specific agent (ie. to override auto rotation):

  1. In foxEnterprise, find the ID for the required agent by browsing to Admin > Staff Info
  2. Go to your lead source (eg. webform code, Zapier configuration etc)
  3. Edit the source to specify the required agents ID number:
    • Zapier configuration example:
    • Webform code example:

  4. Save your lead source

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