Bulk Pricing Updates

To bulk update the price of multiple listings, the easiest method is often to simply re-import the listing data complete with the new prices.

The alternative method is to use the Bulk Update function within the listing module.

  1. Select the required Listings in the Listings module 
  2. Right click them and choose Bulk Update
  3. Select the "Internal Price" field
  4. Select from the following options:
    1. Select Use Absolute Value to apply a fixed dollar value (1)
    2. Select Use Relative Value and use the top box to change by a dollar amount (2)
    3. Select Use Relative Value and use the bottom box to change by a percentage (3)
  5. Repeat from Step 3, selecting the "Displayed Sale Price" to also update any pricing displayed externally (via websites, portals etc)

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