Importing Data

The following is the process for importing data to foxEnterprise. 

The import process is a multi stage process using Excel templates, which performs automatic validating and highlights any errors for correction before committing the data to the database. The process can safely be run as many times as required to check and validate the data before committing.

Import Data

The types of Data which can be Imported are:

  • Contacts
  • Listings
  • Properties
  • Contracts

The source can be anything (spreadsheets, databases, exports from another CRM), however the data must fist be populated into the relevant Brightfox import template.

Import Templates

The import templates can be found by browsing to Tools > Import/Export > Templates. If you cannot view this menu, you have not been given access and will need to login as a user with higher access, eg. the Super Admin, ie. your four letter code, eg SALE

When populating the templates, please follow these guidelines:

  • do not add/remove/edit the column headings in Row 1 of the import templates as this will make the imports invalid
  • refer to any instructions provided in Row 2 of the templates re data types, formatting etc
  • ensure all data is added as plain text with no hidden formulas or formatting
  • ensure the templates remain saved as .XLS (Excel 97 - 2003 Workbook)

Import Process

Once you have populated your template, you can run a test import. You can run as many test imports as you need before committing the data to the database. Test imports are very helpful as the validation process will help you to determine if you have any errors in your data entry, eg. missing mandatory data, invalid data etc.

The steps to import are as follows:

  1. Login as a user with access to the Tools > Import/Export menu
  2. Browse to Tools > Import/Export > Import
  3. Choose the relevant type of data (Contacts, Listings, Properties, Contracts)
  4. Leave the file type set to XLS (unless you are attempting to import another file type)
  5. Click Browse - you are now browsing the file system of your remote Brightfox server
  6. On your local pc - right click and copy the file you wish to import
  7. On the Brightfox server - browse to the desktop and paste the file
  8. Click Open
  9. Select the required Excel Sheet (if required)
  10. Click Next
  11. The data will now be validated
  12. Once validated, a screen will be displayed, showing all data along with any error and informational messages
  13. Any error or informational messages should be addressed by correcting the data in your spredsheet
  14. Steps 2-11 should then be repeated until no error or information messages remain
  15. Click Finish Import, when you are ready to commit your data to the database.

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