Connecting to foxEnterprise from Windows PC

Installing the foxEnterprise Application

1.  Go to the following URL to download your foxEnterprise installer:   

2.  Once downloaded, run the application. This will then install the foxEnterprise logo onto your desktop and also in Start Menu > All Programs > Remote Programs

3.  The first time that you run the foxEnterprise application you will need to enter server security credentials. These are used to allow your computer to connect into the foxEnterprise server and allow access to your database.

In this windows please insert the below credentials:

  • Username - FOX-SAAS\XXXX   (replace XXXX with your 4 letter customer code)
  • Password – (your FOX-SAAS password)

NOTE: Select ‘Remember my credentials’ to avoid this step on subsequent logins 

Logging in to the foxEnterprise CRM

1.  Now that you have logged into the server you can access the foxEnterprise CRM system with your foxEnterprise login details:

2.  In this login window please use your foxEnterprise user credentials:

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